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Diving with Immanuel Divers

Diving in Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken is one of Indonesia’s most famous diving and snorkeling areas and it draws visitors from all over the world. In addition to banana-shaped Bunaken Island itself, the 890 km2 of marine national park includes the neighboring islands of Manado Tua (a distinctive cone-shaped extinct volcano), Siladen,Mantehage, Nain, and Nain Kecil.

When you’re scuba diving in Bunaken National Marine Park you’ll witness some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, with outstanding fish variety and world-class walls. The clear, warm waters contain astonishingly high numbers of species, whether corals, sponges or fish.

Bunaken Diving Picture
Daniel Resort - Bunaken
Bunaken Diving Pic

Immanuel Divers

Immanuel Divers is the name of diving operation at Daniels Resort РBunaken whose crew are all experienced local divers who have been diving the area for countless time. Bunaken waters have been their playing ground since they were kids. No one knows the area better then these Bunakenese divers. Just tell them what you want to see on your diving trip and they will surprise you.

The diving operation is led by Felix, also Bunakenese, a very experienced and skillful diver who have logged thousands of dives. To him, Safety is Paramount! Easy going, calm but cheerful and always helpful is his nature. Under his lead, all your diving trips will be always fun and safe.

Felix, Dive Manager
Daniel Resort - Bunaken
Daniel Resort - Bunaken
Daniel Resort - Bunaken
Daniel Resort - Bunaken
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